Spent the day working with teachers from Sterling, Anthony/Harper, and Little River as they searched for and adapted Webquests and created blogs.

There are some very cool WebQuests out there and the teachers are finding some to use with their kids. The fun part for me is that the teachers are excited about learning and WANT to do what’s best for kids. I am also learning a lot from them, a fun day hearing of the neat stuff they are doing in their classrooms.

Julie’s working with 40-50 live butterflies and plants to teach life cycles, etc to 4th graders. Dwayne just finished an involved unit on simple machines and levers and is modifying a WebQuest about the Iditarod sled dog race to teach geography, math, science, and writing. Kathy will be creating a unit on Kansas history that asks kids to plan trips throughout the state.

It’s good to see quality teachers working together!