Had a chance to observe another HS history teacher last Friday. Some good stuff! (Every time I am in a classroom I get the teaching bug again! I don’t miss the red tape, politics, etc of public schools but I do miss the interaction with the kids.)

The teacher was having kids summarize, discuss similarities and differences, work in small groups to solve problems; basically a lot of the things that research says works. It was fun watching him build relationships and coax out kids’ thinking.

I will get the chance to see a lot of teachers in their own classrooms over the next few months and am really looking forward to it. I had the chance 10 days ago at the Catholic conference to hear teachers share about their best lessons. For the next couple of months, I’ll get to actually see great lessons in action. It’s easy to get sucked in by the all of the things in the media and from the government saying how much we have to improve in education.

But when you get out in the actual classrooms and see faces instead of statistics, one can also see all of the learning that is taking place.

Just curious.

What are your best lessons?