Been about a week since the election. Glad it’s over. More than just a bit tired of all the negative campaigning that was taking place. (What would the two parties have done if it had lasted another two weeks!?)

Part of me was hoping for a 269-269 tie. What a great lesson in Constitutional theory!

Hope you had a chance to see the Social Studies Central Election 2004 page. Some great stuff available for teachers and students. I’ll probably leave the links up for a few more weeks. Most of the sites promised some sort of election recap or review that might be helpful for someone. (Plus I don’t have any desire to get on the site and do a lot of editing right now!)

Looking forward to the National Council for the Social Studies conference in 10 days. Had the chance to sign up for a pre-conference workshop on using technology in elementary classrooms. Very handy! Hopefully I can use some of the ideas in the EETT grant with Sterling and Pretty Prairie. I will be posting daily messages from the conference that I hope will serve two purposes: one, help me keep track of all the new information a person is bombarded with a such a large conference, and two, share at least one cool thing each day that other teachers could use.