PBS aired the final episode of Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State late last night. Following the presentation, Linda Ellerbee sat down and had a conversation with a number of college students. Their comments were a nice balance between the past of Auschwitz and the present of America.

After a brief time of sharing their impressions of both the actual site (which the students had the chance to visit) and of the program, the conversation turned more to what is going on today. Four things came out:

1. All mentioned, in way or another, that racism still exists

2. The Holocaust is an example of an “end game,” the final result of where racism can lead

3. Individuals can make a difference; as in, each of us have the chance to build bridges rather than finding ways to discriminate

4. They also talked other “forms” of racsim, including discriminating because of gender and sexual preference (interesting given the vote yesterday in the Kansas House)

Linda Ellerbee’s final comment? “You give me hope.” Me too. After reading the article mentioned in an earlier post concerning HS students lack of knowledge concerning the Bill of Rights, it was fun listening to articulate, aware teenagers discussing important issues.