Spent part of last Thursday working with a great group of teachers at Smoky Valley HS in Lindsborg. Most of our time involved a discussion of Understanding by Design and how it could be used to improve student learning.

The group I was with had some of the same concerns that many other teachers have: how can I engage kids? what teaching methods work best? what can I do differently so that my kids learn more?

A fun day! But I had another conversation with a smaller group of teachers this afternoon who observed that not every teacher asks those kinds of questions. In fact, one made the comment that some people become teachers to improve student learning and others become teachers to keep busy. I had to agree.

The more I spend time in this business, the more I realize that the best teachers are the best learners. And the ironic thing is ALL teachers claim to want better students; those that ask good questions, that work with others to solve problems and who actually think at deep levels. But NOT all teachers expect the same things for themselves.

Perhaps I’m getting cranky in my old age (birthday last week!) but it would so much MORE fun if all teachers were as good at learning as they expect their own students to be.