This week’s tip is not actually a tip but I hope you’ll find some useful information anyway! With the presidential primary races just heating up and possibly going on into the summer, you may be in need of some useful hints and resources.

1. Not sure which candidate supports your values? Try out one of the handy candidate selectors floating around:

Electoral Compass

Select a Candidate 2008

2. All of the Big Four News outlets have election coverage but you might also want to take a look at a few non-traditional news sources:

Youtube has put together a great You Choose 08 channel with video clips from all of the candidates.

Yahoo has Full Election Coverage
C-Span does a good job of providing impartial coverage.

3. There are lots of lesson plans around. Here’s a few:

Ginger Lewman works with middle school kids at the Turning Point Learning Center in Emporia, Kansas and has put together a great Campaign Wiki.
Teachable Moment
Scholastic’s Election 2008
Teach-nology’s Election lesson plans
And finally, election lesson plans from . . . wait for it . . . the Lesson Plans Page.

4. Give your kids a taste of the real thing:

Rock the Vote
Fantasy Congress
Mock Election / Road to the Capital

Have fun!