I’m a big fan of Google Apps; I especially like the new survey feature that is now built into Google Spreadsheet.

And the Google Apps suite may have just gotten better. The Official Blog announced earlier today that Google is releasing something called Google Sites. As a member of a Google Apps for Education setup, I also received an email letting me know that something new was on the way.

In the last 10 years, the way all of us work has changed. We’ve grown accustomed to always being connected through email and instant messaging. Consequently, people are working together in teams more often, with larger groups, and with others who may be in different parts of the country or the world. We are shifting our focus from personal to team productivity. It’s less about “you” and more about “us.”

But with this explosion in collaboration, how do you bring together everything your team needs to work? How do you take information, whether it is on your desktop or online, and share it with specific groups of people — your team, the company, the public?

I haven’t had a chance to play with it much but it seems like it works a lot like PBWiki or WikiSpaces. The cool thing is that it’s all integrated together with the other Google tools such as Google Docs and Picasa. The interface acts something like Google Pages or Presentation.


I’ve always had this “uncomfortableness” when using wikis and had better success using Google Docs and Pages. This tool may change my mind.

Still rolling around in my head the possible education uses. Teacher staff development, long-term student projects or maybe different kinds of communication tools between school and home.

Whadda you got for ideas?