My daughter has fallen in love with Traveler IQ. She and I play the game just about every day.

Created by TravelPod, a site hosting blogs designed for trips and travelers, is a nice additon to the genre of online geography quizzes. Most of those you can find online are a bit cheesy with poor interfaces and limited content.

But Traveler IQ is different. Clean interface, some very cool quizzes including photos of famous geographic places. The biggest difference between Traveler IQ and other online quizzes is that TravelPod created the quiz for social networks such as Facebook. As a Facebook app, you can create, edit and publish your own quizzes.

So . . . teachers can use the tool to create specific geographic quizzes targeting state and local standard indicators. The quiz can then be embedded into any web site, providing access to the quiz from anywhere. Pretty handy!

But is it any more than just a glorified worksheet with an engaging interface? I tend to be one who get’s sucked in by the “shiny gadgets” and wonder whether true learning is taking place. I do see the benefits embedded in the game play and it does teach specific geographic locations. So . . . is it just something that encourages teachers to not use appropriate learning strategies or is Traveler IQ an example of what new learning strategies look like?

You can play a quick version of the Kansas 5th Grade assessment locations that I created at a Google Pages site. You can also install the Traveler IQ app on your Facebook account and play the Community Challenge version there.