I love books. No . . . really.

Love reading them. Buying them. Talking about them. I especially enjoy finding a good used book store.

And I’m convinced that the more I read, the better teacher I become. What I read should be a wide variety of topics that will help me do my job better – US history, world history, geography, how brains works, how systems work, school improvement, literature, biographies, just about anything.

The reason I’m convinced is that when I talk to great teachers about their work, one of the constants that connect them all is a love for reading and a love of knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

And up till now this love for reading was, for the most part, a solitary activity. The digital world has changed that. You can now connect quickly and easily with others who love reading by using of the many online sites created specifically for that purpose. These sites allow you to create shelves or catalogs of the books you’ve read (or want to read), organize them with tags, join groups of others to discuss your books and find new books to read.

You could also easily set up reading groups for your kids or have your students write reviews online and encourage commenting.

picture-2.pngTwo of the best sites are LibraryThing and Shelfari. Both are free and allow you to create online accounts that provide access to hundreds of thousands of books and thousands of readers.

Check out my personal Shelfari and LibraryThing profiles. Sign up, join a group, request to be friends and let me know what you think.

Gotta love books!