Browsing through posts by several of my favorite classroom history guys and was able to spend some time over at Doug Belshaw’s site.  And ran across a great site for you world history people, especially 6th grade.

Doug received an email from Andrew Chater who has created a wonderful site called It’s a very nice, interactive history of Britain that features video clips from Andrew’s television show.

Doug quotes from Andrew’s message:

. . . is a new and exciting on-line history resource provided free for the user . . . It offers a wealth of quality TV documentary, arranged on interactive historical timelines that put you in control of your journey through the past. The content covers all aspects of British history from 1066 to the present day, arranged on three parallel timelines: social, political and national/imperial.

The site features short, two to three minute clips that can be accessed via an interactive timeline or a textual index. And being from the “wrong” side of the pond, I’m not familiar with Andrew or his  show but I really like his conversational style and ability to weave history bits into the discussion.

Doug’s suggestion is that the site be used as extended outside “reading” as homework. This could be to activate prior knowledge, generate discussion questions or simply as a way to broaden the conversation.

Thanks, Doug for the heads-up!

(I’m not aware of anything like this featuring the history of the US. Anyone have suggestions?)