Been gone a while! The end of school was upon me and I was a bit overwhelmed.

Spending the next few days in Colby and Haysville, Kansas talking with a small group of hard-thinking teachers at the iConnect Conference. It’s a different way of doing a conference and so far, lots of fun. It’s billed as an “Un”Conference with no real presentations with teacher-to-teacher conversations the focus. The goal is help one another see school differently and find ways to change classroom instruction to better meet the needs of 21st century learners.

I spent part of this morning sharing Google Earth with about 25 teachers. Great fun and conversation! If you haven’t had a chance to download the latest version of GE, you really need to do it. I wrote about some of its nice features earlier but the latest version has even more cool layers.

There are also lots of sweet Google Earth sites and tools out there. Google’s own Geo Education page has helpful classroom ideas and a link to the GE Community. Check out Google Earth Hacks and Google Earth Lessons, both have incredibly useful ideas and GE files to download.

There was a lot of buzz in the room as teachers helped each navigate the tool, shared newly found sites with each other and discussed possible uses of GE. Awesome tool that ALL teachers should be using!