The answer is . . . no.

There is always room for Jello. You can’t ever eat just one. And you can never have too many primary sources.

I spent the day working with a group of K-12 social studies teachers; took part in some great conversations and overheard others. Among other things, the group is working to create high-quality document based learning activities. They are using Document Based Questions as one of their forms of both formative and summative assessments.

I really like the idea of having kids mess around with documents and try to make sense of them. Obviously there is an art and science to writing a high-quality DBQ.

But one of the problems is finding high-quality primary sources.

So together we started to put together a short list of sites that can provide a variety of resources, activities and teaching materials. I’ve talked about NARA’s DIgital Vaults and Historical Thinking Matters. But thought you might be interested in some of the others they found:


“Jello.” jmintyfreshflavor’s Photostream May 26, 2008. June 17, 2008.