Okay . . . it’s actually Where the Hell is Matt? but since I’m trying to sell this to middle school teachers (and their administrators!), I’m toning it down a bit.

Matt is an unemployed former video game designer who can’t dance. Well . . . he can dance a bit. Just one dance. He’s own . . . um . . . type of dance. It’s really more of a jig.

Hang on, this does makes sense. Several years ago, Matt quit his job and decided to travel around the world. As part of that journey, he began performing his own version of dancing in exotic places and filming it. This eventually evolved into the video embedded below where he has convinced thousands of people around the world to dance with him. Kinda corny but it’s nice work if you can get it.

Fourteen months in the making, 42 countries and a cast of thousands!

I started thinking about how a teacher might use this video to teach map skills, geography, cultural differences, a whole host of handy standards. Watch the video yourself and you’ll start thinking about how kids could use Google Earth to track Matt’s trip or to measure distance or create detailed placemarks or tours about specific geographic places. Kids could compare and contrast local dress, material possessions or vegetation. They could discuss relative versus specific locations.

Plus it’s just a fun video to watch! You can find related videos (outtakes, Where in Google Earth is Matt, etc) over at Youtube.

Matt’s web site also has some useful stuff on it that you might be able to incorporate. The FAQs page is an interesting place to spend some time.

We’d love to hear how you use the video. Let me know!