Was the American Revolutionary War really revolutionary? Was it a true revolution? Dr. Fritz Fischer talked about this late on Monday afternoon.

He started by asking the question:

If you had to think of a shape that describes Colonial American, what would that shape look like?

He suggests that the shape would be a triangle or pyramid with king and parliament at the top of the triangle. White male landowners would be next. Then white males. Then women. Then servants, African slaves and indians.

His question makes sense when you think about it. Isn’t a revolution a radical change? What shape described America after the Treaty of Paris in 1783? Did the shape change?

How did the war change the lives of the people who lived in the newly created United States? When you think about the different groups represented in the triangle, not much changed. Compare the American “Revolution” with that of the French and Russia.

An interesting way to think about the period that is often not discussed in K-12 classrooms. A nice way to introduce the Civil Rights Movement, the Civil War, etc. Some of the discussion in the group focused on how the new form of government that developed later in 1789 was revolutionary, it was something different from anything else. So perhaps the seeds of a true revolution were planted as a result of the war, seeds that are still sprouting today.

Whadda ya think?