Summer may be winding to a close but the Beijing Olympics are about to heat up. Take a trip to Beijing, China with National Geographic Kids blogger, 12-year-old David. He tells us what it’s like to live in China, attend events at the Beijing Olympics, play sports, and eat real Chinese food.

Then, get to know the continent of Asia with geo-tours in Google Earth featuring images, video, and quizzes about Asia’s art, landscapes, festivals, animals, and food from NG’s great My Wonderful World. The main National Geographic site also has a nice site that focuses on the Games.

Get a whole ton of Olympics related lessons, activties and other stuff from the Teacher Planet site. The Newark Public Library has put together an impressive list of links. Scholastic also has some good resources and teaching ideas. And, of course, Education World lists a whole page of Olympic related activties and resources.

There’s always more out there. Let me know what you’ve found!