As many of you jump back into the daily grind of school, some of your social studies conversations will slide into the topic of the current crisis in the country of Georgia. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a big fan of using Google Earth and Google Maps to provide visual and geographic references for kids.

As I’ve followed the news coverage of the events in Georgia, I’ve run across a few Google Earth tools that you might be able to use as part of your classroom conversations.

The Google Earth blog, LatLong, posted a response a few days ago describing their efforts to document the conflict.

Catholicgauze, a blog run by a Google Earth Coummunity member, has begun creating daily kmz files that detail troop movements, airstrikes, locations of military units and other relevant information. While the map data seems to support news coming out of the area and the maps do provide a nice background, use with a questioning eye.

Maplandia has also created a useful map as well as a few links to past news stories concerning the region. NationsOnline has also created some nice resources.