I spent part of yesterday getting my weekly David Warlick fix and ran across a semi-recent post David has written about a site I haven’t ran across before. According to its tagline, Create Debate

is a social tool based entirely on participation and democracy. You have the power to create debates, add arguments, craft rebuttals and vote with your click.

Create Debate has a total of eleven different themes ranging from religion and science to entertainment and comedy. The site also has created a nice election 2008 section that allows users to focus on both national and local races.

. . . enter your ZIP code, and you’ll see exactly who you’ll have the chance to vote for on November 4th! You’ll find that it’s simple to discover new debates about the local candidates and issues that matter to you. There are literally hundreds of close races to be excited about this year and a ton of debates about them are already in progress!

We are at the brink of an epic time in America. Our goal is to build CreateDebate 2008 into a national community with local roots where people can dissect the candidates, engage in critical thought, and make real voting decisions. Together, we can become the most informed voting populaces which has ever amassed to the polls!

Seems like a natural for history, government and current events teachers to use this fall. The site asks users to create questions and to develop articulate support for their ideas. What a great way to encourage high level thinking and communication skills!

Thanks, David, for the heads up!