Since the start of school, I’ve had the chance to spend time with a small group of high school juniors once or twice a week in a mentoring role. We’ve all been learning more about each other over the last month or so but one thing is becoming increasingly evident, I’m old.

Just how old?

I spent the fall of my freshman year at Tabor College, America campaigning for independent presidential candidate John Anderson in 1980. You do the math.

How old?

My first bike was a Schwinn Stingray with a banana seat.

Growing up, we watched two channels on a black and white TV.

I was pumped when the social studies department at my first teaching job got an Apple IIe with a nine pin dot matrix printer.

You get the idea.

So it’s been inspiring, encouraging and just a bit frightening to read my latest, most favorite blog called Sup Teach.

Dan Myers over at dy/dan talked about Sup Teach over the weekend and I got hooked. Written by a “group of recent Cal grads,” Sup Teach documents the successes, struggles and random thoughts of new / recent teachers. After several days of browsing past posts, I’ve realized that while some things never change in teaching,

This teacher is one who is notorious for failing close to half his students yearly. How’s THAT doing any work?

today’s teachers deal with a whole mess of stuff that never came up during my first few years in the classroom.

Looking forward to reading more.