I’ve always had my kids work with timelines. Back in the day, we used big poster paper, rulers and colored pencils. In today’s classrooms, you have a few more options. Tools such as xTimeline, TimeToast and Mnemograph all help kids understand cause / effect and relationships between time and place.

I just ran across another tool that you should take a look at called Capzles.

Capzles does some of the same things that other online timelines do but I really like the interface and think that your kids will enjoy using it. Capzles encourages the extensive use of multimedia with the ability to embed photos and videos as well as text. Once your timeline is finished, users scroll across your images – clicking on them to bring up the embedded information.

You also have the ability to set up RSS feeds, edit your timeline after it’s been posted and embed the timeline into web sites. Pretty useful stuff!