I’m a bit grumpy today.

(Sliced off part of my thumb cutting onions for a hamburger fry two days ago and it’s just been a pain trying to get things done left-handed.)

So . . . I’ve got grumpy things to say. It’s okay to disagree.

People have been suggesting for sometime that as soon as the latest Digital Natives begin moving into pre-service programs and out into the real world of teaching, things will be better in education. We’ll have young, excited tech literate teachers working with kids.

Not sure if that’s true. I am beginning to believe that many pre-service teachers self-select. Those that feel comfortable in the traditional, factory model school system are the ones who “want” to become teachers. They’re good at playing the game of traditional school. And I going to suggest that they are not the typical digital native, that they think in more “traditional” ways.

True digital natives don’t want to be teachers. They know that school doesn’t play their kind of game and will self-select a different direction.

Is it just me?