Already one of the most documented elections in history, The Google folks, together with PBS, have created the Video Your Vote youtube channel. Millions of videos have already been posted that document the democratic process in all its glory (and messiness!).

The Video Your Vote channel hope is simple:

we want this to be the most transparent election day in history, so that the world can see — through the eyes of voters — just how the election transpired.

This is important because not only will there be more people voting in this election than ever before, but there undoubtedly will be bumps along the way: long lines, broken machines, confusion over the registration process, and even voter intimidation and fraud are all unfortunate election realities. Video can help document where problems occur in a more compelling and concrete way than other media. By documenting your voting experience, you can help make this a more transparent election.

I think it’s a cool idea. We always talk about taking kids along as you vote to help create the idea of civic participation. Video the Vote provides another way of ensuring the openness and transparency of the democratic process.