Stephen Veliz over at Teaching in Tallahassee reminded me earlier that Geography Awareness Week is coming up during the week of November 16-22 and suggests that

it has never been needed more than now. Geographic illiteracy has swept across our nation over the past several decades. Consider the 2006 Roper study on geographic literacy:

Young Americans answer about half (54 percent) of all the survey questions correctly. But by and large, majorities of young adults fail at a range of questions testing their basic geographic literacy.

  • Only 37% of young Americans can find Iraq on a map—though U.S. troops have been there since 2003.
  • 6 in 10 young Americans don’t speak a foreign language fluently.
  • 20% of young Americans think Sudan is in Asia. (It’s the largest country in Africa.)
  • 48% of young Americans believe the majority population in India is Muslim. (It’s Hindu—by a landslide.)
  • Half of young Americans can’t find New York on a map.

Stephen also discusses the work of My Wonderful World and the Geography Awareness Week site. Browse on over to his post and read more of what he has to say. And don’t forget November 16-22