Earlier this week, I popped off about pre-service teachers. That perhaps those college kids with the most potential to truly impact learning are making conscious choices to not be educators. That we’re losing kids who could be great teachers because they sense that perhaps they wouldn’t fit the typical mold of the K-12 educational system.

And now that I’m over most of my grumpiness, it’s good to know that good things are happening in education. Many may not be aware of a group of new teachers who also self-select and who are doing wonderful work in urban schools all over the US. Teach for America started in the 1989 with the purpose of recruiting

recent college graduates and professionals of all academic majors and career interests to commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools.

I had the chance to meet several TFA teachers this summer – one teaching in an inner city school in New York and one who was transferring into the Washington DC school system. Both incredibly talented teachers who were spending part of their summer honing their craft and who impressed me with their desire to help kids.

Some have suggested that TFA grads really don’t have that much of an impact but this study (and this one) suggest otherwise. So . . . there are young teachers who are choosing to step up and are working in “disruptive” ways to improve the system.

And just like that, it’s a good day.