After nearly a billion dollars, a couple of years, millions of robocalls, one unlicensed plumber, multiple SNL skits and two candidates, we can actually have an election.

As a true history nerd and political science undergrad, I’ll be voting early. The problem will be the watch party later. My HS son’s football team is in the state playoffs. And the school district just hasn’t gotten around to hooking up the field’s big screen scoreboard to cable yet.

What to do?

Drag along a old two inch battery-powered black and white to the game, of course. Not the perfect solution but it will have to do.

For those who actually have the chance to hang around and watch the returns, don’t forget the power of the internet. FiveThirtyEight and Electoral-Vote will be posting constant updates throughout the evening. And perhaps the best of all, Google’s 2008 Election Gallery will be updating state and county results throughout the evening.