change-govIs this idea new? Or is it just me?

I understand the whole transition team idea and how important the period between November and January has become for Presidents – Elect. But never seen this before.

The story behind Obama’s successful move into the New Media arena (emails, Facebook, Twitter, online fundraising, etc) is now becoming public – the full account will make someone a bunch of money someday. And many are documenting the work of his staff to re-organize his campaign social network to help during his presidency.

Obama used a combination of television, the Internet, and social media to recruit volunteers and supporters, and cement relationships with them. He asked supporters to supply their cell phone numbers, and sent out regular text-message blasts, even announcing his selection for vice president over text message. Using a custom social networking site, created with the help of a Facebook co-founder, Obama supporters were able to log in and find lists of people they could call, or whose doors they could knock on, to try to persuade others to vote for their candidate.

And it’s only the beginning, said Trippi. That kind of networking will likely transform the White House. Trippi anticipates Obama will create a similar social networking for his legislative initiatives and recruit supporters to lobby Congress to get his policies enacted into law.

As we work with students and teachers to think more about 21st century skills, it’s hard to think of a better example to use to encourage new ways of thinking and working.