I was over at a site called the Tempered Radical whose author, Bill Ferriter, has decided to create what he calls TWITs – This is Why I Teach. Just simple little snippets that reinforce the reasons why we all work with kids.

And I know I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about the whole Obama / McCain / election thing but this just really made my day. Bill found an interesting image representing the 44 US presidents and showed it to his 6th grade kids.

44-us-presidents1And he asked his students a simple question:

“What point do you think the artist was trying to make with this image?”

My students’ answer: “Well, that’s pretty obvious, Mr. Ferriter. He’s trying to say that the United States has never had a woman president.”

Okay . . . as an old guy, what I see is a pretty incredible shift in American culture. What his kids saw was gender. And while we have a lot of work still do in the US, it makes me feel kinda warm and fuzzy that the conversation is different, perhaps, with kids than with people my age.