David Warlick over at Two Cents Worth is one of those people who can wrap their heads around an idea and create something that becomes useful for all of us. His LandMarks for Schools site has been around since the dawn of the internet, hosting many of hls tools such as Rubric Machine, Citation Machine and Class Blogmeister.

His most recent project is called Big Ideas 4 Education:

a chance for us to cast about ideas for priority actions that might be made by a newly forward-facing U.S. Education Department.

It’s a four stage, quick and easy project to create a list of action statements ranked by importance that can big-ideasbe delivered to the newly appointed Secretary of Education. The cool part, of course, is using the power of social networking to grab as many ideas as possible and distill them down into a useful document. We’ve already missed stage one but hurry on over and be a part of the rest of the project. (Starting with his original post might be useful!)

Thanks, David, for always asking the good questions!