Just finished my poster session on Online Simulations and Video Games. I wasn’t real sure the idea of a poster session on video games would be very successful but I was able to talk with a ton of people, answer a lot of questions, hand out 200 packets of info and generally introduce some folks to the idea of video games. That’s a good thing.bottle-snakeoil

Took me back to my very earliest days out of college when I worked as an admissions counselor for a small college. You set up a table with your wares and basically do your best snake oil saleman. Anyway . . . more fun than I thought it would be.

Now in a session called Biography Webs by a couple of guys from the University of Northern Colorado. RIght now showing some student work. Looks pretty good. I’m usually not that excited about presos by higher ed people (insert blanket apology to all higher ed people here) because I’d rather hear from teachers who are actually in the trenches sharing things that work for them. These guys don’t seem that bad, have used their ideas with real kids in real classrooms.

Basically a Biography Web is a student created “bulletin board” type activity with several kinds of projects attached: timelines, book covers, maps, I am poems, images, artifacts and primary sources. A nice project idea, probably more for middle school and below – not sure HS kids would buy into it.

Can’t find any real info on the guys, Gary Fertig and Rick Silverman, online – other than basic overview of classes taught, etc at UNC. Was hoping to link to some of their stuff but nothing other than their handout which is basically a higher ed style paper that they can use for their publish or perish CV.

(Hey! Just saw another laptop! It’s a Mac, of course. Yea!)