Last session of the day starts at 5:00. The good news? It’s in the same room as the previous session. It’s an omen. Also have the only electrical outlet right beside me. So . . . it’s a good day!

So far so good. A couple of nice ideas so far. Useful handout with lots of stuff that I’ll need to incorporate into several Tips of the Week. One pre-reading activity that I like and have not heard of before is called Book Bits. Basic idea? Teacher selects a number of sentences (15-20) from a book or article – seems like a good way to introduce fiction. Put each sentence on a slip of paper, hand out slips to kids, have kids walk around librariansharing their sentence with a least 5-6 other kids. They do NOT discuss, just share.

Holland Poulsen uses a book called The Librarian of Basra as an example of the strategy.

Then have kids write a prediction of what they think the book or article is about. Seems like a nice way to create a schema of what’s to come. I think you could probably use this as a way to get kids to review learned content – basically the combined sentences would a summary of what you want kids to remember.

Holland Poulsen has also created a really nice list of social studies strategies that you can print out.

And I’m kinda worn out so this is all you get. I’ll be sure to write more about some of the better ones next week.

No . . . really.