I’m a bit behind this week so this is going out late Friday night. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a few things in this week’s tip that you can use next week before Thanksgiving break.

One of the best tools upper elementary teachers can use is the excellent simulation by the Plimouth Plantation people titled You Are the Historian. It’s a great way for younger kids to begin using primary sources to solve the question of what actually happened during the first Thanksgiving. You may want to download the simulation rather than try playing the game online – it gets very busy this time of year!

Another multimedia type resource is over at the Scholastic site. Kids can explore the Mayflower, learn about Pilgrim daily life and meet Native Americans. Some nice extension activities here.

Education World has put out a nice article and lessons that focus on how to teach the “real” story of Thanksgiving. It lists and describes seven useful strategies and other resources. TeacherPlanet offers a list of lessons, worksheets, resources and clipart.

And finally, the US government is getting in the game with a page of helpful info. Thanksgiving in space, how to bake a turkey, Thanksgiving time lines, White House Thanksgivings, how to volunteer and Thanksgiving recipes are just some of the goodies you can find.

Have fun!