TIES in Minnesota may be the best tech conference of all time. Of course, TIES does nothing but tech integration 24/7 so I would assume that this is what their whole year revolves around.

Just very well planned and organized, lots of different topics, nice mix of “professional” presenters and classroom teacher/presenters and they have tons of snacks. So it’s a good day already!

Spent the first session listening to Daniel Pink, did a quick 50 minute preso on using Google Earth in the Classroom and now am sitting in what is called a Community of Interest. This one focuses on Google tools and gadgets. The idea is that people who have questions/info to share and discuss all gather in sort of a cafe atmosphere. So far, not so much.

More of a presentation, though it’s moving to more discussion. Did find out that you can share tabs and widgets (just like sharing Google Docs and Google Notebook) from your iGoogle page. Pretty cool.

I’ll be doing one of the these Communities of Interest on the use of video games later today. Feel free to jump into the wiki and complete the form to add your ideas and goodies.