Still here in balmy (4-6 inches of new snow predicted and -2 windchill) Minneapolis for the TIES conference. Yesterday afternoon spent some time leading a video game conversation and attending a Web 2.0 liability session. The video game stuff was fun and the legal liability stuff was . . . mmm . . . important. I’ll try to post some of that goodness later this week.

Of course, I’m now sitting in a session about cool Web 2.0 tools and am trying to forget everything I learned about legal issues. Jesse Thorstad, Technology Specialist, of Fergus Falls Public Schools is in charge. His stuff is on the TIES wiki and he has a nice Delicious page.

Jesse says that there will be door prizes after the session:

You can play with our iPod Touch for five minutes after the presentation or look at the new Flip Video I just got.

The guy’s on a roll. He actually just said,” Oh, gosh!” You gotta love him!

Jesse’s busy demo-ing stuff. So here we go:

You may already know about some of these but some “fun and useful” stuff here.