If you’re a semi-regular reader, you know I just returned from balmy (12 feet of snow and absolute zero degrees wind chill) Minneapolis, MN and its annual TIES conference.

The common theme was


with Daniel Pink of A Whole New Mind as the keynote. A nice idea . . . as in, let’s focus on technology but let’s not do technology simply for technology’s sake. We need to encourage creativity and high level questioning skills. As in, “we need to prepare kids for their future, not our past.”

All nice and neat but . . . the problem is that it’s sometimes difficult actually visualizing what that really looks like.

I may have found out this afternoon.

I was was over at Paul’s Blogush which led me to Melanie’s Once Upon a Teacher which led me to a great video clip by Judson Collier. Judson was looking for work and, instead of the traditional paper and pencil resume, tried something just a little bit different.

It seems to me that this sort of stuff is what it looks like. This is what we should be working towards as teachers.

Head on over and let Paul and Melanie know what you think.