There are lots of great videos for classroom use on YouTube. But YouTube is blocked at your school or you’re concerned about inappropriate clips. So you try and find something that you can use to download the video onto your computer.

There are several useful tools that you can use to download videos and play them back as part of your instruction. But they all seem to involve some sort of clunky time delay or three step process or a specific operating system or secret tech nerd handshake.

But get ready for new and improved!

KickYouTube is a new tool that makes downloading YouTube videos a snap. Simply find the video you want to download and type the word “kick” in front of the word “youtube” in the url. It should look like this.



A tool bar will slide down and provide a variety of media formats to choose from. You just need to click your format, click Go and the file will download to your desktop.


You’ll need to rename the file but that’s it. Couldn’t be easier!