While I’ve posted stuff on line for about eight years and have been blogging since September 2004, I never really posted consistently until about 12 months ago. Sometime in late 2007, I realized that I wanted to create a place not just for others to learn and communicate but a place for me as well. The result is, well . . . this.

History Tech evolved as a desire on my part to grow professionally. I knew that if I had to be accountable to find useful tools and topics and post them online, I would continue to think and ask questions. Not sure exactly what you’ve gotten out of the last 200 some odd posts but, so far, I’ve enjoyed the ride!

As I browsed through the latest site stats, some trends have emerged. Readership has climbed to about 4000 views per month, not earth-shattering numbers but visits have been growing steadily since January so . . . maybe 4100 by next December.

A trend I noticed about comments is that there is no trend. Some posts elicited tons of comments while others sat alone, in the dark, waiting for their friends to call. Not sure what to think about that.

One obvious trend in the data is that Tip of the Week posts enjoyed perhaps the most popularity.

And while I’m re-posting the top five posts of the past year below, I guess the only real trend I’m worried about is whether or not History Tech is meeting both your needs and mine. And so far, I’m happy. Hoping you are too.

Have a great winter break!

  1. February 23 Tip of the Week – Visual Learners and the Boston Massacre
  2. September 11 Tip of the Week – Constitution Day Activities
  3. Digital Vaults – Social Networking for Primary Sources
  4. Russia – Georgia Conflict on Google Maps
  5. Chicken or Egg? Slavery or Racism?