In 2009, possibility is in the air just like it was forty years ago in 1969.

Seeking educational freedom of expression for yourself and your learners? Make a pilgrimage to Old Town in Wichita, Kansas on May 1st and 2nd for two full days of the joy of free and easy technology tools, the peace of mind that comes from doing all we can to empower learners and the love of communing with other enlightened educators from around the world.

Here in this location we will change the educational world with a little help from our friends. Participants will become teachers and teachers will become participants as we open the door to this ‘un’ Conference experience.

Podstock is a brand new conference designed to bring podcast creators and those who see the real value of podcasting together. There will be breakout sessions on podcasting for beginners, as well as sessions for and by seasoned pros. You’ll podstockexplore podcasting as well as many other web 2.0 tools that can enhance learning and communication in your world. The conference will be held in the Old Town section of Wichita and play host to participants from all over the country. It will be two days of education, learning & fun. Don’t miss it!

Feel free to travel to the Podstock Ning site and join in planning and learning more about this unique experience.