Being the history junkie that I am, I spent most of yesterday flipping through cable channels, browsing online video sites, scanning transcripts of Obama’s speech, reading more about George Washington’s December 1776 quote, viewing updated images on Flickr, watching Youtube videos, messing with Google Earth and generally having a great time.

Came across a couple of cool tech things that you might be interested in:

  • CNN’s cool Photosynth technology that weaved together hundreds of user-created images into a 360 degree view of the actual moment of Obama’s oath. Very sweet but it only works with PCs.sat-image-stage-mashup
  • GeoEye and CNN took a satellite image of the event which can be found at GeoEye and Google Maps. Google Maps give you the chance to view the image layered in Google Earth. Together with the Google Sketchup model of the Capital building and the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth, your kids can get a very real sense of the event.
  • put together a Google Earth Street View tour of the Inauguration Parade route with useful directions and links.
  • Flickr has started an Inauguration 2009 image pool that has a vast bank of pics.
  • A quick search of Youtube suggests tons of videos. (Be sure to also click the Channels and Playlists tabs for more content.)
  • The Washington Post has created a geotagged page called TimeSpace with user-created content that has some nice images.

But after all my messing around, I never found an answer to a question my son had about presidential succession. So . . . a question for all of the presidential  experts.

A TV commentator mentioned that because the ceremony was running behind schedule and Obama had not yet been sworn in, Joe Biden was actually the president for the time between his swearing in and Obama’s. He said that Bush’s term ended at 12:00 pm and so Biden was it till Obama took the oath. Urban legend?