First full day at METC in St. Charles, MO and it’s been good and bad. Some serious learning going on but an absolute internet nightmare. Just seems that a technology conference would be able to provide consistent internet access.

I was able to spend part of the morning with Howard Pitler from McREL. He started his session by using a very cool tool called PollEveryWhere to gather feedback on potential session topics. PollEveryWhere uses cell phone text messages to create instant online polls.

Howard shared some of his ideas to integrate technology with McREL’s research-based nine effective teaching strategies. He shared a wiki (invite code – “mcrel”) with tons of useful tech tools.

We know what works with kids. Our next question should be – what tools will work best to do this in classrooms?

But the most powerful part of the morning for me was the reminder that, to be successful, technology must build on fundamental educational pedagogy. McREL’s What Works in Schools, Stiggins assessment ideas, McTighe’s Understanding by Design, Pat Wolfe’s brain research. These things work.

Any technology we use with kids needs to support the fundamentals, not replace them.