Over the last 12 months or so, I’ve had the fun of participating in a wide variety of conversations concerning the political and social impact of President Obama’s campaign, election and inauguration. I believe these recent events can help make the Black History Month conversations with your kids even more powerful. February is a great time to continue (or start) these types of discussions and integrate them as part of your year-long scope and sequence.

Start with ideas from Teaching Tolerance


Claudette Colvin set the stage for Rosa Parks

ThinkFinity resources

University of Illinois

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Edutopia teaching resources

Your Guide to African American History & Culture from PBS

Africans in America series from PBS

Lesson Plans

Activities from the Teacher’s Corner

Great stuff from the Smithsonian

Long list from the Lesson Plan Page

Education World lessons


The Underground Railroad from National Geographic

Martin Luther King speech and multimedia at American Rhetoric

Black History: An Interactive Treasure Hunt

Culture & Change: The Evolution of Black History timeline

Drop Me Off in Harlem from ArtsEdge

Have fun!