Way to go, Stacy Deeble-Reynolds at the Orange County Department of kitzuEducation! Stacy and others have put together a very cool tool for teachers of all content areas and grades but especially social studies educators.

Called Kitzu, the site provides some very useful stuff if you or your kids are working to put together multimedia projects.

Students and teachers around the world can access pre-made collections of free, educational, copyright-friendly media resources, or “kits,” of various digital assets – still images, background music, narratives, video and text. Each kit is built around a common theme, or curricular topic.

For students, this becomes the construction paper of the 21st century –allowing them to create reports and projects filled with rich, immersive media for communicating their vision of whatever subjects they chose. As they master the technology, they will progress from building projects with supplied materials to projects where they find or create their own resources — a strategy that results in truly authentic assessment as measured by the projects produced.

A digital kit is meant to provide students with the building blocks necessary to build video and multimedia projects that tell a story and demonstrate learning. A kit can be made up of:

  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Video Clips
  • Audio Clips
  • Document

Some pretty sweet goodies here. I like the idea of sharing resources and ideas. I also really like the term “21st century construction paper.” You get this image of kids on the floor working and planning and pasting and cutting and gluing pieces of history together. Nice!