I was minding my own business this morning, drinking the first cup of coffee and cursing the Wichita Eagle newspaper delivery guy under my breath when – BAM!backpack

Huge thud behind me.

It was my son’s backpack. Adidas brand, high quality, stop-rip nylon, multiple pockets, adjustable straps. And the third one he’s gone through this year. Adidas has been nice about it . . . replacing the earlier ones without question. (Ya gotta love the Adidas guarantee.)

But I’d never really looked at the bag before. It was huge! Went to weigh it and it came just short of 20 pounds. Are ya kidding me?

Algebra book, biology book, accounting book, English books, calculator, gadgets, jakepencils, pens and other miscellaneous objects. Take out the books and it’s about three pounds including the backpack. I’m beginning to understand why earlier versions have ripped and straps have broken.

Curriculum not driven by textbooks? Try telling that to the Adidas people.

And my son.