hfwhHeard about this site from my Plurk network and it looks very cool. Have Fun With History has links to videos, interactive sims and Living History sites all in one place. A page still in beta, with only the American Revolution, the Great Depression and Railroads listed, lets you search all of the different types by historical themes.

The site organizes videos into 21 different categories such as World War Two, Native American and The West. Links take you out to a variety of video sites such as Joost and Hulu. It seems as if HFwH is just a site that’s been able to organize a bunch of useful history stuff all in one place.

History viewed through the eyes of Hollywood, and even well-meaning historians, is rarely 100% accurate. However, history-based dramas, documentaries and news programs are valuable ways to gain insight in historical subjects.

I really like the idea of HFwH’s History Activities page. Not a lot of links there yet but their tagline

History is more fun when you play it

makes a lot of sense to me! Their list is very similar to the one I’ve put together at Social Studies Central.

Still a work in progress but worth checking out!