Cooliris is a tool I looked at last year back when it was called PicLens and I just sort of put it out of my mind. Listening to Hall Davidson last week reminded me of it and have been messing around with it this week.cooliris1

And it’s . . . well . . . pretty cool. Cooliris is basically a image search engine that organizes the results into a 3D wall of pictures. I love the interface but what I really like is the ability to view tons of pics very quickly.

Zoom in for a closer look, click out to the actual site where the image is hosted or scroll through the images in slideshow mode.

You can use the Discover feature to search quickly for a variety of web-based objects such as videos, TV shows, even online games. And all of those multimedia objects can be viewed or played within the Cooliris environment. Use it with your kids to help them organize searches and save their Favorites. Use it yourself to help find images for your instructional units. Or use just cause it’s so fun!