One of the first things that people do when they get on Google Earth and Google Maps is . . . that’s right, look at their house.

Once we get kids and teachers past that first step, then what? Virtual Tourism has put together an impressive list of useful tours and overviews in a variety of places around the world. It has hundreds of virtual trips and has a smaller list of “journeys.”lewis-clark-21

I especially like the Lewis and Clark journey. In this journey, the tour begins with an informational box at their starting point of Pittsburg and provides a link to their next stop in the St. Louis area which leads to their next stop, etc. The informational boxes, like many of the boxes in all of the different tours and journeys, contain videos, pics and helpful lewis-clark-3links and text.

Any time I get sucked into a site and lose track of time, I know it’s something I need to bookmark. This is one of those sites! Travel on over and be ready to spend some time.