I gotta share my newest favorite site called Culturally Teaching.

culturally-teaching-logo2Have you ever wondered what schools in other countries are like? Do you find yourself wanting to know more about “culture”? Are you looking for resources you can use in your classroom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Culturally Teaching is for you.

It’s a very crisp and attractive site that has some great things to share about other cultures and places around the world. The two authors, Cate and Anamaria, have strong backgrounds in intercultural training and seem to be having fun sharing their insights. As an alum of an European exchange program, I especially enjoyed a recent post on Bread, Brot and Education.

It’s a newer site but I think it’s got wonderful potential for world history and world geography teachers:

  • School Culture
    Discover what schools around the world are like.
  • Reflections
    Read personal stories from teachers around the world.
  • Go to Culture School
    Explore how culture influences you in and out of the classroom. Learn how improve your intercultural interactions.
  • Resources & Activities
    Find stuff you can use with your students.
  • Photos & Video
    Shouldn’t have to explain this one, right?

You can find resources and activties on the site and they just started a project called the School Snapshot Project encouraging K-12 kids from around the world to interact with and learn from one another.