I ran across this reading strategy last summer working with some elementary social studies teachers and thought it made a lot of sense. I just haven’t gotten around to sharing with you. Try it and let me know what you think!

Read, Cover, Remember and Retell is a way of building comprehension that you can use for any type of text and any age or reading level of student.  It is important to choose a text the student can read with little or no assistance.

Basic steps:

1. Students select a small amount of text on a page that can be covered by their hand.  This amount can vary from two or three sentences for 1st or 2nd graders to one or two paragraphs for older students. (The text can be print or online.)
2. The student then reads the selection aloud to a partner or silently to themselves.
3. After reading, ask them to cover the text again with their hand and think about what they read.
4. They should then share out what they read. This can be to you, with their partner or with a small group. Your younger kids will need to sneak a peek now and then. No big deal. The idea is to get them to begin summarizing and remembering what they have read.

Feel free to ask questions they can answer from what they read to help them remember.

The Read, Cover, Remember & Retell method encourages the reader to slow down, read for meaning and to focus on what they read.  This will increase their comprehension and long-term retention. I’ve seen teachers successfully use this strategy with all types of text ranging from expository to narrative to technical.

Have fun!