I enjoy reading National Geographic magazine – great articles, amazing photography. But I have to admit that my favorite part of the magazine are the maps that occasionally accompany the articles.

I love a good map. I collect old maps, read blogs about maps, use maps . . . I used to make my own growing up.

And earlier this morning, I ran across an older folder of stuff and opened it up to find a bunch of map images that I had forgotten all about. Pulled this one out because I love the different perspective.

Thought you might too.


I have used maps like this to start great conversations about bias and how we (and others) view the world. You can do the same thing with Google Earth, I suppose but this map, handed out to groups of kids, seems to have a bigger impact on their thinking.

If you enjoy this sort of stuff or think it might help kids understand geography a bit better, you might also check out the book How to Lie With Maps by Mark Monmonier and H. J. de Blij.