I have been under the weather the last few days and am just now getting around to sending out the latest Tip of the Week. I think this Tip is worth the wait!

Have you ever done a Google Image Search and not been able to find that one image that was exactly perfect? You tried different keywords or phrases and got back nothing that really fit? You kept telling yourself that what you really need was not a keyword search but a way to search visually.

Well . . . today’s your lucky day.

The Google Search people have had the same idea and created a special feature of their Image Search that allows you to “refine your image search using visual similarity.” They’re calling it Similar Images Search.

Similar Images allows you to search for images using pictures rather than words. Click the “Similar images” link under any image to find other images that look like it.

It’s part of their GoogleLabs section and so can not yet be found as part of the “official” Google Image Search. But if it’s gotten this far, chances are good that the “similar images” button will find its way over there soon enough.

For now, head on over to Similar Images Search and try it out. The video below gives a bit more info: