I started the first Social Studies Central web site about eight years ago with a few crude pages created with Microsoft FrontPage. It was basically a couple of links to some of my favorite history web sites.

It has changed a bit over time but it’s still basically an attempt to help Social Studies teachers do their jobs better. Information about learning opportunities, teaching materials, links to resources, ideas about best practices – the kind of stuff that I hope is useful for classroom teachers.

ssc screenshotBut the site has also become a bit dated over time. So . . . it’s got a new look and few new features.

The goal is to make Social Studies Central a bit easier to use and easier to look at. And over the next few weeks, I plan to add more photos, insert some video examples of classroom best practices and generally create a more interactive feel. Part of the plan is to also connect the two sites – Social Studies Central and History Tech – a bit closer together. So you’ll see similar banners and more links between the two.

I hope you like it. Head on over and let me know what you think!