The first 6-12 school with a curriculum focused on games and gaming theory opens next fall in new York City.QuestToLearn

Created in collaboration with New Visions for Public Schools and the Institute of Play, the Quest to Learn school will use a variety of research teaching and learning strategies designed around the use and design of games. Pretty cool!

Quest supports a dynamic curriculum that uses the underlying design principles of games to create highly immersive, game-like learning experiences for students.

The concept is not necessarily a new one . . . the research is becoming more and more clear that using video games appropriately can improve learning. But trying it on such a large scale is something unique.

As is the case with many of the games played by young people today, Quest is designed to enable students to “take on” the identities and behaviors of explorers, mathematicians, historians, writers, and evolutionary biologists as they work through a dynamic, challenge-based curriculum with content-rich questing to learn at its core.

If successful, Quest for Learning (and its research) can be a jumping off point for more gaming integration into more traditional school settings.

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